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I'm too cool for you

1. Last name = Ledgister >_<

2. Middle name (if you don't have one, what would you call yourself? please specify if you're making it up) = Cassandra

3. First name = Jade

4. Number of years you've been alive = I have been on the earth for 17 years ;D

5. Place you currently reside = My house... but mostly in my room. *violin plays*

6. If you could design the rainbow, what colours would you put in it? = My rainbow would be pink, black and white. Awww, bless it. Not pale pink, flurescent pink. Yes.

7. Sex = The female race

8. Three favourite bands/artists = Placebo, My Chemical Romance, The All American Rejects

9. Three favourite songs (not necessarily by the band/artist named above)
= Placebo - Every You and Every Me =
= My Chemical Romance - Cemetery Drive =
= LostProphets - To Hell We Ride =

10. Three favourite lines from any three songs
= "Sucker love is heaven sent, you pucker up our passions spent," - Placebo: Every You and Every Me
= "My stomach hurts now, and all tied off in lace. I pray i beg for anything, to hit me in the face," - The Used: I'm a Fake
= "There are things you should know, the distance between us seems to grow," - HIM: Your Sweet 666

11. Show us a picture of yourself that doesn't look like you at all (please post actual picture, no links)

12. Show us a minimum of three photos that look more like you

13. Show us a picture of yourself doing something funny/random/strange

It may not look funny... but look at the shape of my arms!! Haha.

14. A picture of your favourite person = I don't have one. *screams at self with rage*

15. A photo of you with someone else you regard to be 'hot' = I deleted all the photos, causes hes my ex. Lols.

16. A picture of you holding up some form of sign that reads 'am i too cool for you?'
My webcams broke *kicks it* but.... I have just said it to my mum. Lol.

17. How do you like your eggs in the morning? = I don't like eggs! Haha.

18. What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why? = H = Because its the beginning letter of my favourite book. *hugs Harry Potter*

19. What are your favourite shoes, what size do you wear in them, how many pairs of this particular shoe do you own, and show us a picture if possible please = My favourite shoes are the lovely converse. I have 4 pairs so far... black high tops, pink high tops, red high tops and black and pink low tops. *hugs them*

20. Make an acronym out of the letters in your name
J = Jolly
A = Angry
D = Daring
E = Ecstatic

21. What is your favourite hot drink and how do you take it? = TEA!! I love tea! I have a cup with me right now actually.

22. What age were you when you had your first kiss? (when rating others do not judge them by the fact that you think they were too old/young) = God, erm... i was about 8. Lol.

23. What is your favourite word in the English language? = Astronomical. Its just so big. That was a really bad pun there.

24. Who was the first famous person you fancied/had a crush on? = Erm.. crikey... probably Johnny Depp, wheni was like 9. Ah, and the crush hasn't gone.

25. Nicknames you have/had = Jadey, Crazy Bitch, Nienna, Harry

26. Show us a picture of something you've made on paint/photoshop/whatever

That used to be my LJ header... ;D

27. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? = Cheese! I don't like that either, so i ate it for a dare. It was gross.

28. Can you suck your toes? = Can't say i've ever tried. *tries*. Whoa, i can aswell. I didn't put my feet inb my mouth! I just stretched to see if they'd fit...

29. What's the most outrageous thing you'd do to get accepted? (e.g. running around town in a giant banana suit) = Lend out my 6th Harry Potter book... it may not seem outrageous to you... but this is Harry people. The book is new. What if it was to.. get ruined. *cries*

30. In no more than 10 words, tell us why you are too cool for us?
Because music has influence my whole existance. ♥
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